Cosy Autumn

 Welcome to my cosy autumn corner, a place where I can escape the chaos of the world and take a moment of "me time" to relax in the sunshine, sipping from my favourite coffee cup, and enjoying the warmth of a tactile fur throw. 

Autumn Garden Mug by Victoria Egg for Little House Lovely

This space is filled with welcoming plants and a scented candle making it the perfect retreat to unwind and rejuvenate for an afternoon tea break.

Cosy Autumn Living Room Corner for Little House Lovely

As I sit in this sunny spot, I’m greeted by the vibrant colours of the changing leaves outside my window which create a beautiful backdrop. The houseplants add a touch of greenery, clean air and life to this serene space.
But what truly sets my autumn corner apart is the presence of Rocket the dog, who will gladly join me and relax in the warmth of his dog bed. 
Rocket the Miniature Schnauzer in a donut dog bed for Little House Lovely

So, come and create your own cosy autumn corner, where you can have a moment for your own mindfulness - I like to enjoy this space just before my children are home from school.

Featuring Taupe rug from IdyllHome

Donut dog bed by Mikkipet 

Autumn Garden Mug from Victoria Eggs

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