The Need For Big Green Leaves!

I have a love of houseplants and up until recently I didn't have the best record for keeping them alive. I don't know if its because of lockdown but I seem to have discovered my inner green thumb. 

Monstera House Plant

This time last year, If a plant started to deteriorate, I would replace it - something I had learned during the Hygge movement - Scandinavian culture treats houseplants like cut flowers and replace them regularly. 

But over the past few months I have been learning a few basics.  It all started with my ZZ plant, it had become over crowded and the plant was starting to die off but rather than swapping it for a new plant I bought some potting mix and nursery pots, watched a youtube vid and now I have successfully divided my over crowded ZZ plant into 3 containers.

It was so satisfying that I moved on to my Peace Lily and repotted my Monstera!

And actually I realised that I don't want to simply replace my current house plants when they deteriorate, instead I want to grow, nurture and increase my collection. It's not just about how wonderful they look but about increasing the benefits that come with plants, cleaning the air in our homes. 

We all need more plants!


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