Fighting Through Januaury

 I don't really know the best way to describe this January.

Usually I'd be excited by a fresh year, new trends to explore and plans to make but this year the situation just isn't the same at all. 

I want to write, I know most of you will be aware that this is one of three blogs I run but finding the time is quite hard. After all, dropping the ball so I can "home school/ distance learn/ school work at home" two children all day long is leaving me utterly exhausted but at least that's my biggest grumble.

I had planned to spend January writing about Veganism for Veganuary - having been a veggie since the early 90's and a vegan for 6 years - I'm happy to share advice so please just ask.

I'd also planned to talk about a few new interior trends but its not quite worked out that way. 

I'm going to try and break down my list into smaller "bitesize" portions so hopefully I will continue to put forward articles of interest - 

Thank you so much for sticking with me. 

Emma x



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