Hygge Reinvented for Winter 20

We've all enjoyed the Hygge - Scandinavian clean living and cosy warm textures but it's evolving slightly to include a bit more depth, colour and texture as we approach Christmas. 

Not only are we throwing in extra effort to Christmas 2020 but we are also finding ourselves spending a little more savvy, as the future is uncertain and pennies a little tighter. It's making us think carefully and with that comes clever solutions. 

Hygge Reinvented for Winter 2020 2021

Not only are we looking to cosy up our living rooms for Christmas, probably in small groups at home,  but also to extend that comfort to the rest of the winter season too. 

Instead of fun novelty Christmas only cushions, people are layering larger size warm textured cushions that can be for Christmas but will also not look out of place in February too. 

The trend is seeing greys, creams and whites being replaced with deep greens, dark blues and earthy tones. 

Hygge Reinvented for Winter 2020 2021

With a good variety of textures, the more the merrier, from velvets, to faux furs and woven baskets - looking for tactile layers to sink into, snuggle up with and scrunch between our toes with large cushions, soft throws and deep pile rugs. 

Hygge Reinvented for Winter 2020 2021

Bringing in natural elements of wood and doting a few extra lights around, from fairy lights not just for Christmas trees but to light up fire places and tea lights hiding in nooks around the room, light always brings joy and a feeling of warmth. 

Hygge Reinvented for Winter 2020 2021

I'm over the moon with our addition of soft large velvet cushions with a stag print to see us through the whole of winter, not just Christmas. These are a made to measure pair from Yorkshire Fabric Shop and they made such a huge difference to our reinvented higgle touches to the living room. Beautifully finished with attention to detail and perfect piping, I was surprised by both the vast choices and the speediness of their arrival. 

Hygge Reinvented for Winter 2020 2021

Disclaimer, I received a pair of cushions from Yorkshire Fabric Shop for the purpose of this article. 


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