Top 6 Fruit Bowls for A/W 2015

I'm in the midst of planning my kitchen update - the whole room needs an overhaul - the kitchen that came with the house is a very dated 1980's kitchen with a hideous green work surface, the layout and the style doesn't suit me at all.

One of the smaller instant changes I want to do is have fruit easily accessible to my children, I'd like a great fruit bowl in reach that they can just help themselves to when they get home from school.

I'm yet to decide on one - these are my top 6 fruit bowl choices - what do you think? Do you have a favourite? 

copper fruit bowl - Little House Lovely

An elegant copper fruit bowl in a luxurious lustre finish.
Minimal and classic for those who prefer the "peared down" look when it comes to displaying their fruit!
This fruit bowl makes a fantastic kitchen accessory that would be partially well suited to a vintage style kitchen in creams, with natural wood or marble accompanied by Victorian copper accessories.
Depth 28 cm, Height 12 cm
£17 The Contemporary Home
Bamboo Fruit Bowl - Little House Lovely
Bamboo Fruit Bowl - Aqua
An eco-friendly, contemporary fruit bowl made from recycled bamboo. Finished with an aqua outer colour with a contrasting natural bamboo interior.
28x12x28 £20 Puji

Black Alessi Girotondo - Little House Lovely

Black Alessi Girotondo
We love this fruit bowl decorated with Alessi's little Standing Men which have appeared on objects from the farthest corners of Alessi tradition.
- Diameter 23cm £34 - Black by Design

Fruit Stand - Little House Lovely

Fruit Stand
Polished stainless steel for Bananas, grapes or tomatoes.
21cm tall £37

Wire Knot Heart Basket - Little House Lovely
Wire Knot Heart Basket
A lovely heart shaped basket with knotted wire detail.
Useful and versatile this beautiful heart basket has been hand crafted to create the pretty and intricate knotted wire finish. It's infinitely practical and could be used for storing fruit, toiletries or even creating a cute pot plant display.
A great practical gift for any heart lover, which is beautiful too. It's gorgeous dark grey zinc finish would suit most colour schemes.
Dimensions: 30cms x 30cms x 10cms.
£9.50 - Karenza and Co
Stelton Kontra Fruit Bowl - Little House Lovely
Stelton Kontra Fruit and Salad Bowl
Kontra Fruit/Salad bowl has an unusual combination of the elements of bamboo and shiny steel. Bamboo brings warmth and depth to the curves of this gorgeous bowl which contrasts against the cool smoothness of the steel. A tactile and elegant bowl to bring beauty to your table.
Made from Bamboo and Stainless Steel.
Dimensions: H 11.5cm DIA 29cm £125 - Cloudberry Living

Top 6 Fruit Bowls for A/W 2015 - Little House Lovely


  1. You have picked some beautiful designs, I'm struggling to decide my favourite

  2. They're all beautiful but I like the bamboo and steel one best.

  3. I am addicted to fruit bowls, I seem to always want to buy them and then my hubby gets stressed as they take so much space. These are some great ones xx