Perfect 1960 Bedroom Furniture - Fonteyn

I'm not supposed to be looking at bedroom furniture, not yet, because when we moved into our new home we agreed to do one room at a time - in our old house we kinda just jumped in with both feet and started trying to do several rooms at the same time - I know, silly right?! Thing is, when its your first house you just can't help it! Now we are (much) older and wiser and taking it slowly - one room at a time and this is our forever home so we are really taking our time! I'm starting with the playroom because the kids need this new house to become home as smoothly as possible and we have toys everywhere! but ... I can't stop my mind thinking of other rooms, I just can't! I'm excited and have the diy decorating bug ad I want to jump in with both feet! 
Most importantly I'm desperate to sort out the bedroom!

You see, on moving day we discovered that our naughty seller had left some bulky unexpected  furniture - including a king size bed frame that had seen better days, about as far from my taste as you can get and he had chopped the bed posts in half to make the bed fit between the wardrobes!!!!!
it meant that we couldn't put up our own double bed on moving day, so instead I attacked the bed frame with detail ad we placed our double size mattress on that discarded kingsize frame - our mattress is really old and in need of replacing anyway ad this was only a temporary solution... several months on, we are still sleeping on this strange set up and i'll be honest, it's really not very comfortable! but it has helped us realise that we like the size and it fits the room, so we are after a new kingsize bed frame and kingsize mattress!

So my daydreaming has spotted this ah-ma-zing 1960's -esque collection - the Fonteyn designed by Steuart Padwick - just look at these tapered legs, bold curves and the detailed wood! This ticks all my boxes - I love it! Those smooth corners are telling me that they will not bruise my legs when I accidentally walk into the bed frame in the middle of the night, the frame isn't overly bulky so I know this bed will not take over the whole room. The description tells me the slats are curved - something I've never heard of before!

"STATEMENT STYLE The bold outline of the Fonteyn bedhead draws attention, with 60s curves and the angled elegance of a ballet dancer. AU NATUREL Coated with a light, protective lacquer, the bed embraces its natural qualities. You can still feel every ridge and groove of the oak frame. SLEEP WELL With curved slats for stronger support"

1960 Fonteyn Kingsize Bed by Steuart Padwick on Little House Lovely
Fonteyn Kingsize Bed £699

1960 Fonteyn bedside Table by Steuart Padwick on Little House Lovely

Fonteyn Oak Bedside Table Angle Price: £199.00

1960 Fonteyn Dressing Table by Steuart Padwick on Little House Lovely
Love these long tapered legs and round mirror - and can you believe! I've never ever had a dressing table before - I long for this one
Fonteyn Oak Dressing Table Angle £349.00

1960 Fonteyn Stool by Steuart Padwick on Little House Lovely

Fonteyn Stool, Oak £79 

All currently available from Made and on my wish list!

Little House Lovely

The Fonteyn - Little House Lovely

Images via Pressloft

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