The Best Bookcase for a Playroom

It took a lot of consideration when I was choosing a bookcase for the playroom.

I wanted a tall bookcase, but without going all the way to the ceiling, I also wanted something sturdy, with feet and that would look cute with added details such as mini pom pom bunting!

Malmo Bookcase from B&Q

I wanted shelves large enough to have some books front facing as well as stacked or shelved side on - but still have enough room to hold all our children's books in one place and a bookcase that I felt would suit the room whatever furniture and colour scheme we chose as these details are likely to change!

I decided on the Malmo Bookcase from B&Q - it ticked all my requirements!

As this is a flat pack, I enlisted the help of my husband who built this whilst watching some sort of football match on the telly - I don't know which one, only that it was an important match.
Malmo Bookcase from B&Q

He found the instructions and build to be straight forward and I'm really pleased with the results!

The middle two shelves are fixed whilst the other two can be moved allowing flexibility on shelf height. I also love the panelled backing detail - it gives the whole bookcase a good quality finish.

It's in place in the playroom just waiting for other parts to fall into place so watch this space for more on the playroom creation :)

Malmo Bookcase from B&Q

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