That Whole Can of Coke and Box of Cake Mix Thing

So, I'm addicted to pinterest

I keep seeing recipes for cakes and brownies popping up all the time that claim, all you need is a box of Betty Crocker cake or brownie mix and a can of coca cola!

At first I though "no, these must be spam!" but then I noticed more and more pins - mostly American bloggers doing this!

I was in my local supermarket this week and Betty Crocker kits were on offer so I though "what the heck!" I wanna see if this really does work or not!

Little House Lovely the can of pop and box of cake mix thing!So all the blog posts I read, simply said to mix a full can and a full box together (contents of said packaging!) 

I did this and at first it really didn't look like anything but then after a little bit of wooden spoon mixing it actually did look like cake batter! 

I used the mix in a mini cupcake maker which I pre- greased. (I always forget to use it, so was pleased it was having a whirl for once!) 

Within 10mins I had what looked like perfect little mini cupcakes - they were springy and perfectly rounded and smelled like ... chocolate cake! The Skewer came out clean so I knew they had cooked through!

I was really surprised! 

When I tried to free one from the pan, however, disaster struck! Each and every cake was stuck fast  and ripped apart trying to free them! Even though this is a non stick machine and I'd greased each hole - I guess as the mix doesn't have any fat it just sticks! 

Would they have been ok in paper cases? maybe?

Even though technically the cake mix had worked - I did have what looked and smelled like cake - I have to say - it did not work because....

... They tasted disgusting!!!! Don't do it!!!

Even my chocoholic (even more than me!) kids didn't like them! 

Emma at Little House Lovely  xx

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