Industrial Edge, repurposed, recycled, industrial style furniture

There's lots of talk from the husband about the need for a double garage when we move - with a boys room above! I get the impression he wants a club house complete with whisky bar! I love the industrial repurposed style - I'm not sure how far I'd take this look because, let's face it, I'm rather twee but these repurposed things are amazing and perfect for "man space"! My favourite Industrial Edge picks as seen on Achica

Aluminium bookcase £135
aluminium bookcase

Oil Drum four drawer dresser £65
oil drum can drawer dresser

Railway side table £149
railway side table
Kare Design Letters Cabinet £499
letters cabinet kare designs
Railway Table £999
railway table
Cavalleto tripod side table £59
cavalleto tripod side table
Wood and metal 12 drawer cabinet £299
Wood and Metal 1 drawer cabinet

Pool ball hooks £25
hooks made from pool balls
Metal locker key cabinet with clock £49
metal locker key cabinet with clock

Red suitcase table £85
red suitcase table

Old oven cooker dresser £299
Old oven cooker dresser cabinet

Emma at Little House Lovely xx


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